What’s it Going to Cost?

No really, whats it going to cost? That’s what my good friend Eric was asking me tonight as we sipped IPA’s at Framingham Beer Works a mile from my office off of Route 30. Eric has been contemplating an addition/remodel on his home for a while now and can’t decide if he’s ready to take the plunge. Eric, like many of my clients wants to know the $64,000 question (pun intended) What is my remodel, addition, bathroom, kitchen, wood fired hot tub or indoor motorcycle track going to cost me? So I gave him the same answer I give all my friends and clients; It depends; on the plan, your tastes, the month, your town, my bank account, my relationship with my wife and kids, the stars and of course the plan.

The fact is that all things and everything ultimately can affect costs, as pricing any job is simply one man’s opinion of the jobs value. With that said, there is one factor above all else that will answer the question of cost and that is this; A good plan is the single most important tool in determining what any project will cost and if your plan is drawn on a napkin, then don’t be surprised when your $20,000 bathroom costs twice as much and ends up taking 3 times as long.

“But Nate, What if I spend thousands of dollars to get the plan only to find out I cant afford to do the project?”


Happy building!

Nathan Dishington

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